Back from the depths for the time being…

I didn’t mean to have a break from posting here at all but life took over and here I am sometime after my last post – can’t believe how long really. Things have been mad here the last few weeks. Work has been deteriorating rapidly into a mess of stress and tension which has pretty much just fuelled my downward spiral. Add in a crap diet, alcohol and pills and it all went Pete Tong last week. Still not 100% over the whole things but I feel like my head’s back above water for the time being. The weird things is that it’s like I’ve had 2 parallel lives going at the same time – one confident and fwd looking and one depressive and hopeless. I suppose the only way is up at the moment. So am looking forward a day at a time and getting through the daylight hours as best as I can. At least I’m sleeping through until 4 or 5 in the morning now. And therapy has helped – which shows there’s a 1st time for everything.

It would have been my brother’s 34th birthday next month. For the first time since he died I’m thinking of marking the occasion somehow – get to grips with everything I suppose. onwards and upwards maybe.

Apart from that everything’s peachy! 😀 Am thinking maybe to try and get back into a blogging rhythm might not be a bad idea too so will wrap this up and be back soon hopefully.



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5 responses to “Back from the depths for the time being…

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  2. Welcome back again mister x
    thanks Em, hopefully this time will be a bit more long lived?!

  3. Hey, welcome back! I get the double life thing, I’ve become an expert at it. Glad the therapy’s helping though, at least that’s something.
    Hi Hannah, thanks. I get that from time to time an then it usually ends in a car wreck, should be able to get it together really! Yep, it is something and it may even be more than a fluke if I’m really lucky – fingers crossed and all that!

  4. Welcome back x
    Hi Chouette, thanks. It’s nice to be back again. I’ve been mainly keeping up with everyone’s posts via RSS into my email which is very slack – will have to get back into commenting. Nice to hear from you!

  5. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).
    thanks Matt!

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