Another week gone in a blur; it’s amazing how perception of reality can change with mood. I’m feeling less depressed at the moment but also less connected – like floating along in a dream, which brings problems of it’s own.  I’ve been floating through the last few days in a William Gibson dreamland. Perhaps re-reading Idoru when my moods have been all over wasn’t good. But it’s felt like very much like reality is a thin film across a deep sea of something else.

It’s also having an affect on relationships – not just personal but professional too. Paranoid city. It doesn’t help that every few days another site is blocked on work’s internet, so I’m reduced to finding time for this blog in the odd 10 minutes I have somewhere else with web access. I don’t have time at home at the moment. Also at work there’s been a change in the company structure – our dept is now represented as a spur off the main dept. P45 anyone? Something’s definitely going on, but maybe I’m making more out of it than I need – how do you get perspective on something like that?

So…pretty strange at the moment, although not too bad considering the last few weeks. I’ve shelved the suicidal leanings seemingly for the moment, so maybe everything’s on the up at last.



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2 responses to “Floating

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  2. Yay William Gibson. Although his particular vision of the future isn’t probably the best dreamland, unless you go with pattern recognition’s one. But only because it has a happy ever after ending.
    I have Pattern Recognition lined up – just started reading All Tomorrow’s Parties – I think the questioning of the boundaries of reality in Gibson’s work are a great analogous way of looking at mental health problems. As well as being great novels anyway – thanks for dropping by!

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