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Mood is no longer suicidal depression but is definitely more detached and less interested in things, vaguely floaty and unreal but that’s an improvement. Especially in dealing with crap at work – less stressy, as long as I don’t get the boot for slacking 😀

Out for drinks last weekend with my significant other – first time in months (shocking I know) – and somehow managed to spill all the stuff that’s been going on in therapy, which made her worry more, which is why i don’t talk abut that stuff. Anyhow, managed to convince her that I’m sorted for the mo – it’s a life skill in itself. So hopefully that’s under control for the time being.

And of course as we’re all probably aware by now the government will be keeping track of us more from midnight last night. But hey, it’s ok – not the content, just where you’re logging on from, which sites you’re visiting, who you’re emailing/texting/phoning. Is it any wonder paranoia reigns supreme in this country? Fortunately, the only people who will be able to access this info are those who need to. Reassuring, as those who need to cover everyone from MI5 to the Post Office, BT to the local councillor. So we can sleep easy, knowing that the post office isn’t going to lose anything, politicians are all scrupulous and the government has guaranteed all info will be securely stored. Phew!

It’s a fine line between hoarding info to help with criminal investigations/national security and invasion of privacy/destruction of civil liberties. But we don’t need to worry about that – we live in a free society where if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Allegedly. I wonder if that was Stalin’s line? Not that I’m comparing Mr Brown to Stalin, fortunately we’re a long way from anything that bad in the main. However the digital realm is where many of us now spend quite a bit of out lives, and unfortunately it’s much easier to abuse power here than on the streets. Much easier to hide these breaches of privacy and much easier to affect people’s lives in subtle ways. It’s obvious from news recently – blacklists available to employers of potential employees who have caused trouble previously (ie stood up for themselves against bosses who thought it was ok to trample over their rights as employees), loss of data by various government departments, etc etc. The fact that every IP address you visit is logged, that every IP address you use is too is concerning – not least because this isn’t faceless, numeric data. People are linked to this data, and the number of people freely allowed to access this data means there WILL be instances of info being accessed illegally, sold and passed around for gain. it’s only a matter of time.


On another note, you have to read this – it’s the antithesis of my rambling ran



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3 responses to “Various ramblings

  1. aethelreadtheunread

    I try to avoid thinking about the government surveillance stuff because it does rather feed into my paranoid leanings. But i agree with everything you say. It’s absolutely scandalous that the state is collecting information on its citizens, irrespective of whether or not they’re even suspected of breaking the law, and even more scandalous that the info is available to so many people.

    I agree with what you say about it being easier to do this kind of thing online. But did you know that the people who happened to live near to the Heathrow protests last year have had their images recorded by police, and these have been associated with their personal details, and placed on a database where they will be available to a range of public bodies for the next 7 years? Shocking enough that it’s done to protestors, but to include non-protesting bystanders is really shocking.

    Pleased you were able to have a good chat with your other half. It’s probably for the best, even if it does make her worry.

    Take care,
    Hi A, thanks, it probably is for the best in the long term.
    Yes, I saw that about the Heathrow protesters – it’s true of all protests now and others added at things like this are reporters covering the story. The police basically film indiscriminately and add further details as they’re available such as names, addresses etc. The guardian covered it a couple of weeks ago. I think all this comes down to accountability – until politicians are made to be more immediately and more directly answerable to the voting public things will only get worse. 5 years of doing what they like is far too long! Take care, C

  2. Just keep trying to hold on to reality and not float away! It’s good you were able to talk to someone about it, even if you did then have to convince them that you’re really ok (I hate doing that). It’s probably better at least that they know.
    And all that government surveillance things – well that’s pretty scary really and rather worrying! Big brother is watching sort of thing, not good in my opinion!
    Hi H – you’re probably right about everything there I think! I’m on a plain at the moment, so no peaks and troughs I hope 😀 As far as Big Brother goes I think we’re all going to have to stand up and be counted at some point soon! Take care and thanks for dropping by!

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