dazed and confused…

…which is why no posts. Also depression is back – just like June last year actually which was the worst I\’d ever felt. Suicide stuff, i can taste it. not just in my mouth but in my arms and legs and head and everything. that sounds weird but it\’s the only way I can describe it. And so tired you wouldn\’t believe (although of course some of you would). I should be at therapy in an hour but have feigned a migraine. think I\’m going to stay at work locked in my office for an hour or two and just be on my own with nirvana and pretend the world has gone away. or something. oh for a way out!

edit: wish I hadn’t cancelled that appt now, just dumb.

edit 2: so i’ve uncancelled it because maybe for once it would be smarter to talk through suicidal depression while i’m here in it rather than a few weeks later which i guess is progress. 25 mins to go and bloody terrified – but i think it’s got to be better than talking my better half about this, or having to finally attend the GPs again about this.


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