Think I’m Just Happy

Depression lifted but as I’m not sleeping more than about 3 hours a night at the moment I’m knackered, hence no posts. Work’s taken an upwards turn at least – working on a book with the author and the photographer at the moment where the brief is open, with the caviat the book has to be well designed, modern etc – perfect, especially as the format is challenging. Just need to try and concentrate for more than 5 minutes at a time now!! The author’s been really enthusiastic with the design so far so I think it’s going to work well.

Therapy this week was a breeze – total transformation on all the other weeks over the last few months. Also we’ve had sunshine – 😀 – which hopefully means we’re heading for some summer weather (apart from today that looks a bit grey at the moment). Can’t wait. I’ve had enough of wet summers!



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4 responses to “Think I’m Just Happy

  1. That sounds like some really good changes, take care. Hannah X

  2. You sound happy, I’m glad. And that’s good that therapy was better. I’m with you on being sick of wet summers, really would like some decent sunshine!

  3. Sounds positive. Take Care! 🙂

  4. Hannah, hi thanks, yes just over did it a bit and now am knackered 😀 neec to be more paced – thanks for the comment

    Hannah – yay sunshine 😀 cheers, yes – long may the good stuff last weatherwise – thx for dropping by

    ITS – thanks, a bit of positivity makes a nice change – hope you’re ok too at the mo – cheers 😀

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