Just more stuff really…

Hmm…well having just re-read my last post it’s probably just as well it’s been a while! Needless to say over reaction springs to mind. Things are ok, frantic and busy but that’s best – and found time to change my hair to bright pink – which has made me think about chopping a load of it off and doing something a bit more punk. All these things are good to stave off boredom and keep busy.

Lots of projects on the go at the moment – a few non-paid freelance jobs which I’m doing because they’re interesting and offer a bit more creative freedom. Although I could do with the money as my debts seem to have sky rocketed this year and i can’t work out why. Still, am hoping for a tax rebate to cover some of that.

Had a bit of a crash of energy the other week so am playing catch up on my own website again – although that’s become a bit of a bore in comparison to other things – it’s taking more effort to stick to finishing it, rather than doing more creative projects. Famous lack of stickability!

Also have been a regular at the GP’s the last few weeks – the usual blood tests (thyroid, blood sugar, et etc) which they only did about a year ago anyway and didn’t find anything then either. The phrase ‘Psychosomatic’ has been used a couple of times. Results come in next week so we’ll see where we go then. Therapy has also been a bit of a drag – i know that just because everything feels great that doesn’t mean it’s all gone away etc but it’s one hell of a drag trawling through the whole family history thing when you’re feeling great. Sticking with it at the moment though and see where it goes. 

bit of a round up but will post again soon hopefully with a proper post!


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