blood, sweat, no tears

For the second time in about 18 months all blood tests have come back clear – which of course is good news. Which means attacks  of dizziness and nausea continue to be an unidentified something or other – AKA ignore them and hope they go away. I love the way DRs insist you shouldn’t have waited so long to discuss something, only to then down tools when it’s not immediately obvious what the problem is. The suggestion is it’sPsychosomatic, which isn’t exactly a satisfying conclusion and doesn’t leave me feeling particularly happy about the situation. “Try to see if you can spot a pattern of when these episodes come on. If you do and there’s nothing you can do to improve the matter, or if they get significantly worse, then come back and we’ll see what we can do…”. Thanks Doc!

In other news I now have several unpaid freelance jobs on the go while waiting to hear back on several paid ones – i’m just hoping the freebies are done and dusted before the others need doing, otherwise I’m going to be up to my eyes in work. Especially as all of a sudden at work (the employed variety) I’m also suddenly stacked again – mainly with an impossibly complex web site. Had to laugh when I was asked if it would take longer than a week!

In fact the worst thing about work at the moment is that my sales director is looking more and more like my dad every week! It’s somewhat disconcerting, to say the least. I haven’t spoken to my parents for a month or two – things are drifting a bit on that front, so it’s possible this is an unconscious guilt trip. Or maybe it’s just a freak of nature. Or both. I should call the parents really, especially as the more time goes past the harder it will eventually be. I think the fact that i skipped my cousin’s wedding pissed him off a bit (my Dad, not my cousin). I hardly know my cousin, although aside from me the rest of the extended family is on a bit of a love-in at the moment. The fact that she’s also my perfect cousin, who can do no wrong in my parents’ eyes, doesn’t make it any more likely that I would want to go anyway. Oh well, you can’t choose your family I suppose!



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2 responses to “blood, sweat, no tears

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  2. findingmecrazy

    Good to see you back again. At least you’re getting a lot of jobs (even if they are stacking up!)
    What’s stopping you from calling your parents? You’re right though, I think things like that do get harder and harder the long they’re left!

    Hi Hannah – thanks. I’m not sure what’s stopping me, other than that things have been a little ‘strained’ over the last year with my dad – he can be very moody when he doesn’t get his own way sometimes and there was a very minor incident last year of him completely having a sulk over exactly that – I thought it was parents who complained about their moody kids?! Wil have to make the call at some point I suppose – thanks for the comment 😀

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