Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bank Charges

There really is nothing like being up and about at 2am to make you realise how nice it is to have some peace! Also it’s a good chance to email friends – nothing to distract you – and catch up on work – ditto. Plus you get to check your bank balance and silently scream in despair at how things can be so bad – how can they be THAT bad?!! I mean, I’m the first to admit I’m crap with money but bloody hell! Talk about getting carried away with big ideas and spending in proportion. Again. I can’t see how the banks are struggling when they make so much money from me every month.

Work work – ie employed work – is stacking up (as per previous post) but somehow I’m struggling to concentrate – I think lack of sleep is catching up with me or something (he types, at 4:23am!). Also was asked to be less exuberant in my singing at work today – boring gits, somebody had complained to my line manager that i sounded mental – which was a bit of a kick in the teeth (as well as being ironic) as I thought I was on fine form. Apparently Adam Ant isn’t everyone’s cuppa – and it was only Friend or Foe, not even some of the early stuff! Some people, no taste!

Whereas today is going to be fun filled – filling or extraction at 12, meeting at school at 6.30 with work nicely sandwiched in between. Goody! Anyway, i’m off to go and get an old coffee table out of the garage – wish our garage was just outside rather than a 15 minute walk away, but the exercise will ‘do me good’ and it should be all nice and dawn-chorus too!


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