Dentists are a pain in the…

3 fillings, £45 and a load of jaw ache – literally. Not to mention the growing credit card expense. Day off tomorrow – looks like rain, smoothly done there – and behind on all my work. And yet still I’m bouncy and happy and full of beans. Must be the 5am coffee table marathon, or maybe the painkillers. Or perhaps it’s summertime, the birds are singing (obviously can’t hear them over the traffic, but we know they’re there) and the sun is almost shining, or maybe is above the accumulation of overhead cumulus.

I can’t help but feel the monetary dip is a mere blip which will soon be dealt with. more freelance possibilities – not huge ££ but should be enough to cover the unexpected rise in credit use. And I have a great idea for a new website which should be an income stream. more importantly it should be a great creative outlet too. I started planning it last year before mood went south and I lost interest, so it will be great to push it forward.

As a really great post end, check out this link – – it’s great. Of course, accessing it at work led to writing musical rude messages, and videoing them to friends – juvenile yes, but also great fun – enjoy!


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