Very very…yawn…tired at the moment. I can’t work out how being really tired and not being able to sleep can go together. Unfortunately I always resort to eating crap when this happens, so bang goes my healthy eating. On the positive side I still seem to be able to find the energy when it comes to proper creative stuff – shame about the less creative jobs. I struggle to stay awake for those!

Luckily for me freelance stuff is going well – 2 happy clients, based on their feedback this week – for whom I’m half way through design jobs at the moment. Unfortunately having major problems with setting up an SSL certificate for someone else – should have been sorted in a matter of hours but the emails have gone down for the last 24 hours.

Weirdly someone has just walked past (I’m sitting outside a local bar at the moment) wearing the same perfume my therapist wears. Which is a weird sentence in itself but that particular perfume (I don’t know what it is, but it’s fairly strong) just puts me right into THAT room – which is slightly disconcerting to say the least, especially when you’re trying to relax, and especially just before a session too. Ah – the woman in question (not my therapist thank god) is sat on the table next to me – so it’s like having an additional half hour tacked onto tonight’s session without any gain and while I’m trying to relax. On the other side is some utter knob spouting loudly about how great global warming is to give us this weather and what a big 4×4 he drives. The temptation to pretend to discuss making up for a tiny penis with a big car on my mobile is almost unbearable.

I could quite happily spend the rest of the evening here (obviously without current table neighbours) rather than dragging my sorry hide along the road to THE ROOM. But, it’s time to meander along there.

BTW – if you’re looking for a decent read, The Somnambulist is well worth a go, although the follow up (I read them in the wrong order without realising they were related) is likely to make you feel that you’re living in a nightmare, particularly if you’re feeling a bit delicate anyway!


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