September the 1st

Can’t believe it’s September already, the summer has gone quickly and it’s back to the usual after a break from therapy, a bit of time off from work and the bosses being away making the time at work a bit easier. Today is day one back after a week or so off – 1000 emails, and some weren’t even spam. Lot’s of prob to sort out and already lots of urgent, must have immediately jobs waiting. The one thing I have enjoyed over the last few weeks is the relative lack of stress and pressure.

Week away was good – although a week wasn’t long enough to wind down which was a shame – still had work things lodged in my brain. But it was good to have a few days somewhere else for a change, no timetable or deadlines. Back to them in spades today, schools start tomorrow so back to morning school run too.

Spent most of today tidying my awful desk and and answering emails, reading emails, sorting out problems – at least this morning. Have looked busy this afternoon but TBH couldn’t face the mountain of work and so have played around with some of the more interesting jobs on my list – bit of logo work, some research, etc. Not productive but it’s all looking a bit daunting from the bottom of the pile – maybe feel up to it more tomorrow.

Parental visit coming up in just under 2 weeks – always stressful, not their fault really. I don’t relate to my family terribly well, probably less so after my brother’s accident. Need to make more effort really, keep in touch a bit more. Something to work on there me thinks.

And to round off I’ve decided to get back into more art – painting and drawing instead of just designer for hire. Maybe it’ll help with other things, be a bit of a release, somewhere to express myself instead of fulfilling briefs 24/7. Personal challenge type thing – if I can stick to it 😀



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3 responses to “September the 1st

  1. findingmecrazy

    Hey, nice to see you back again! Good luck with the parental visit, all parents seem to have the tendency to be stressful totally without meaning to. The art sounds like a cool idea, I’ve always wished I was able to draw or paint.

  2. Good to have you back. I’ve not seen you on here for a long while.

    Art is a good idea. Enjoy it. xx

  3. Cheers both, need a way out and to make some time so hopefully that’ll work – thanks for the comments

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