Gotta love the rat race!

Tired, pained, stressed, overworked, underwhelmed,
Drowsy, dragging, day-stretching tedium of monotonous grey-scale day-to-day drudgery, Hell-bent, pay-the-rent, hourly grind,
Email, mental de-rail, beyond the pail, weep-and-wail,
Play nice, hold your tongue, smile sweetly, dress neatly,
Kiss the shilling, ready and willing, pay the price,
Skrimp and save, waste yours years, bitter tears, early grave.

Gotta love the rat race!



Filed under life, mental state, work

2 responses to “Gotta love the rat race!

  1. findingmecrazy

    Hope the rat race is going ok! New password is ************ – delete this please after you’ve read it obviously!

  2. Hey FMC – terrible, but I’m planning a workers’ revolt to make the world a better place for the great and the good. Or at least a place worth living in anyway maybe?

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