creeping back

Difficult few months, things up and down and have had a bit of a block on everything hence no posts. Work is reaching a stressful climax I think, and has been a bad influence on my MH – is being – and I haven’t been able to separate the internal/external factors in everything going Pete Tong. But we have been working through it all in therapy and starting to see the wood from the trees a bit. I need a break and can’t wait now to have a week away over Xmas. If I make it that far without losing the plot that will be an achievement.
I just wish it wasn’t so dark all the time 😦



Filed under depression, life, mental state, therapy, work

3 responses to “creeping back

  1. findingmecrazy

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry it’s so dark all the time, take care

  2. *hug*

    Good to have you back, if only briefly.

    Keep going and I’m glad you feel you’re getting somewhere with the therapy xx

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated – planning on hanging around a bit longer! 😀

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