David Davis solves climate problems!

So, according to David Davis (Tory MP) the world is not heating up, there are no climate problems – the whole thing is one big con by the raving lefties. To prove it he has wheeled out an “expert” – Ian Plimer.

You may not have heard of Ian Plimer before, unless you’re an Australian – in which case you’ll probably have heard quite a bit of/from him. Mr Plimer is a scientist, businessman and – crucially – climate change sceptic. In fact, last month he was named as a member of the academic advisory council for the global sceptic group “Global Warming Policy Foundation“. His business interests include being a director of 3 Australian mining companies – “Ivanhoe”, “CBH Resources” and “Kefi Minerals”.

Have you started to see a conflict of interests here? Even more so when you take into account his comments that the proposed Australian carbon-trading scheme could probably totally destroy the Australian mining industry and create massive unemployment. Needless to say, Mr Plimer denies the existence of a conflict of interests (COI).

Which leaves us with the interesting situation of a (probable) near future senior member of the government taking the UK into an era of Canadian government-style approach to climate change – screw the world and the UK’s future. Because this is not just about climate change (although let’s face it, it doesn’t get much more serious), it’s also about dwindling resources. You can believe what you like about human-generated climate change (some people will tell you the Queen’s an alien lizard so go ahead) but oil, gas et all are due to begin declining in availability within 10 years. So, just like dwindling North Sea gas has hit the UK where it hurts – we are left relying on Russia and the Middle East for gas – dwindling global fuel supplies will cripple our state-propped, fragile, inverted pyramid economy. Along with that of any other nation backward enough to rely on a defunct oil-based economy.

The reason is that almost every area of modern living – from food production, to straightforward energy supply to modern materials for every area of life – relies heavily on oil. Without enough oil in the world we are left facing:

• Huge rises in food prices due to hikes in production cost as oil slowly disappears
• Similar rises in the cost of anything that’s shipped from abroad, manufactured from oil-based substrates or relies on a lot of power for production
• Wars between the oil rich and the oil impoverished.

Of course this is not a given, this is based on those in power turning their backs on environmental sustainability in favour of propping up existing big business and the associated rich and powerful who run them. It’s the old school ties looking after their own, but rather than just playing with power and money they’re playing with lives and our futures.

Amazing to think that this is going to be the alternative to our crap current government – more of the same but a damn sight worse. So much for democracy, anyone fancy a revolution instead?


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