Time Out

I’m taking a bit of time away from here at the moment because anything I’ve tried to write recently comes out as negative, so I’m going to wait for a positive post to come along. In the meantime am continuing on with therapy (currently looking at nutters past and present in my family tree), and doing lots of things to try and keep my head above water.
I have a couple of freelance jobs that I’m tied into doing, but the plan is to not take any more on for at least 3 months to try and get myself out of the current negative spiral I find myself in. All being well i will be back sooner rather than later and feeling a lot better. Fingers crossed.
Anyhow, hope everyone had a good xmas/ny break and that your 2010 is an upper, not a downer.



Filed under depression, mental state, therapy

3 responses to “Time Out

  1. findingmecrazy

    Nice to see you, glad you’re still going to herapy and hope 2010 turns out good for you, it’s going ok for me so far thanks!

  2. Hey FMC, glad things are going OK for you at the mo. Hope it continues to do so through the year and it’s a sunny one – take it easy!

  3. findingmecrazy

    Hey, it’s ‘uh;i;diuv;iuvgh;vi`vkbl’ – you really are so forgetful!
    Hi, thanks, yes I am – and thanks for that, I’ve turned it to ‘slaw text but copied & pasted to my hard drive for future reference! 😀

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