Disturbed night

Tired today, not enough sleep last night. Dropped off twice around 11, got woken up by some noisy bugger 10 mins later, heard somebody whispering “Pray!” in a stage whisper several times from under the bed, which normally would have been freaky but seemed normal somehow (I had thought it was one of the girls playing tricks, but realised it was unlikely at around midnight), slept on and off until the early hours, finally gave in at 5. Could be worse, on and off is better than not at all.
I have a loooooooong list of work to catch up on and not the energy for any of it. Will have to get a bit more organised and prioritise things better. They’re all pretty interesting projects so shouldn’t be too hard to get motivated once I up and running.
Apologies for typos or bad grammar, either my typing’s up the swanny or this keyboard needs a damn good clean! Time for more caffeine I think


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