Getting Away With It

There’s a great track by James n their ‘Pleased to Meet You’ album called “Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)’ which is so very right and hits the spot. You could easily substitue Cracked or Broken for Messed. It’s all the same in the end. I have got it together again after my crash, but probably have avoided dealing with things like I should. It’s just too easy to hitch on the smile and carry on regardless. But as long as you can get away with it maybe that’s OK.
But in the meantime I have changed some things – my hair is a bright pink again, I’ve gone veggie, I’m going to cut down the drinking – really – and get a new job. And stop walking the city at 5am. etc.
Haven’t touched on splitting again, I’ve steered the conversation away from that but will jot here what comes up when it’s discussed again.



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2 responses to “Getting Away With It

  1. Serously – is your hair really pink? There’s nothing like a colour change to beat the winter blues. I’m glad you’re feeling at least a little bit better.

    – From another pink-haired, veggie nutter who’s also trying to drink less (slurp!)

  2. Hi Kate – raspberry-ish. i’ve done bubble gum pink, red and orange b4 (not all at the same time) but this is quite nice. Anything for a change 😀
    I’m really missing red wine and chocolate at the moment, fresh fruit just doesn’t do it!

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