Too busy to chat…

I’m not here much at the mo because at some point I’ve over committed myself and am now trying to deal with the consequences – stupid, stupid, stupid. I’m also now catching up on sleep and am in the position of needing as many hours a day as I can get to keep up, whilst losing all the night time hours as I’m sleeping through and even struggling to get up in the morning. So I am cursing myself for nt being better at finding a safe operating capacity. Idiot.
So this blog is falling short a a result. Along with anything else I would rather be doing than work. Moaning over. At least I feel like I’m walking around in reality rather than some weirdo fantasy, every cloud…
But I can’t wait to have a bit of head space and some easy time, which is my light at the end of the tunnel. Just need to make sure when i get there that I don’t fill it up with stuff to do next time. Ho hum.


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