massive tantrum time (or not)

Absolutely exhausted, have hit a brick wall and have a website to get live this weekend b=ut really just need to crash ad hide smewhere. On top f that had a job interview that went really well yesterday only to find out today that a mate of mine gt the f***ing job today – bloody hell! Have done the whole congratulations thing etc but really just want to have a huge tantrum, throw a fit and break things. I can’t stand working here any more, I realised that after seeing what real companies are like. Makes you realise, oh well. Will get pissed tonight, smoke loads, eat crap and get ove it. Stiff uperlip, brave face blah blah blah.
Might skip therapy tonight and go dinking instead, I think ir desierver a break anyway. tantrum over, there we go – anyway. Probably shouldn’t have made joking remark about frnt row tickets to watching boss kill himself on stairs, maybe will be out of work myself soon if not more careful 😀
EDIT: OK, enough, I’ve said I’m pleased now stop with the ecstatic texts – there’s only so much bon hommé on offer. AND I re-dyed my hair bright pink just b4 the interview especially, blimey there’s no pleasing some people!



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4 responses to “massive tantrum time (or not)

  1. findingmecrazy

    Is skipping therapy the best idea though? Maybe you need it to get some of this out. But on the other hand, I do really think you deserve a break! Sorry you didn’t get the job, I guess just keep searching for other prospects.

  2. Yeah, I went in the end and went for drinks after instead – and I have stopped the whole self pity thing now too, ie stopped being a prat. Thanks for the words!

  3. aww take care. Not getting the job is never fun, but harder when a friend gets it instead. There will be other interviews though.


  4. Hey there you – glad to hear from you! Yeah, it sucks but am over it now. Have a great idea for a new site, is going to be great so am going hell for leather on that while finishing off a client’s site and starting another, plus have other stacking up. In hindisght may be for the best as i think i’d rathrer work for myself anyhoo. Cheers for the words, you’re absolutely right!

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