Disturbing visions

Was supposedd to have taken in my sketchbook 2 weeks ago to therapy as it had a load of drawings from night time visions from the weeks previous. Seemed to forget about them as we ended up talking about other stuff instead. Will be taking them in this week as my wife said she finds them disturbing and scary. I think it ‘s just because of the skulls and the eyes. She said they eyes were like those of the teacher’s in the Another Brick in the Wall music video…

…which is fitting as the drawings are of God as the engineer of the Universe, not some happy clappy loving father crap but more like some Nazi experimenter with us as the lab rats. Just another domineering authority figure I suppose.
Dreamt about hell last night as a maze of cages in an underground cavern which goes on forever. No other people, but always the suggestion of other people just out of sight. Also the suggestion of flames, with a flickering glow bathing the walls. An having a fun time at the moment.
I might post some of the drawings on here if I get round to scanning them, I want to work some of them up as canvases if I get the time…


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