Sylvia Plath interview 1962

Have found on You Tube (I can’t concentrate on work but Ihave done some today) an interview with Sylvia Plath which is fascinating and somehow comforting –  – I’ve loved her work for years and this is fascinating. Better than therapy.

Home in 30 minutes, am desperately holding on to go to bed now and stay there as long as i can



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4 responses to “Sylvia Plath interview 1962

  1. I love Sylvia Plath. I just started re-reading her book The Bell Jar. That book inspired me to write my own story about struggling to live with depression.

  2. Hey there, thanks for dropping by. The Bell Jar is a great book and should be on the reading list for schools everywhere. It deserves multiple readings, I think it’s one of those books you can always get more from. I hope it goes well with your own book!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I read The Bell Jar. And found it wonderful to see Sylvia Plath interviewed. Made my day. Which means a lot-been battling 3 months of in the bed depression…docs almost to point not know what to do.


  4. Hi Trish, glad you liked it! Sometimes the internet is truly amazing.
    Sorry to hear about the depression, it’s truly hell sometimes and I hope that it starts to lift sometime soon. Hang in there 😉

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