stressed? moi?

In the aftermath of an argument about how much work I’m doing/how long it’s taking to do said work I’ve agreed to complete my current freelance job and then take a break. This is incredibly frustrating as it feels to me that I really haven’t had much on the go most of the time. the current job has taken way way too long but that’s partly due to a few episodes of depression along the way where I’ve done nothing at all.

However, after promising my wife that this job is just about complete, will be finished by the weekend, the client is dragging their heels over getting their final images to me and they are also asking for a further round of amendments (or at least they tell me they are but still haven’t passed them along). So now i am stuck in a situation of some unpleasantness. Familial stress versus client stress.

On top of that I have floated through my work week in an unproductive haze of unreality that is also preying on my mind – not much work done = possibility of losing my job. Oh look there’s some more stress. And to top it off all the weight I lost through healthy eating/exercise is due to come back with interest as I have lost all control and eaten so much chocolate you wouldn’t believe. Guilt central. I need a break, somewhere without work and people and chocolate.



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2 responses to “stressed? moi?

  1. findingmecrazy

    Well you started that post by saying you were going to take a break after this job is over and you ended the post by saying you need a break – so looks like things might be working out after all! I guess just get your job finished with as soon as possible, tell your wife it may take longer than originally anticipated but you are definitely going to take a break after it ends?
    And sometimes you just need some chocolate. I’ve been studying all week and have eaten at least double my own weight in junk food, so I get you there. As soon as you get this job finished, then as well as taking a break, start exercising more and since you’ll be relaxing for a while and won’t be so stressed, you can start eating better too?
    Hope that’s a little bit helpful!

  2. Ha, yes you’re right. Am much more positive today anyway – up and down like a yo yo at the moment, but am nearly there with the site and then can do some other stuff. like some proper art at long last. Chocolate is a lifesaver isn’t it? Hope the old dissertation is going well, thanks for the helpful advice – 😀

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