New header image : Félicien Rops

Never heard of him? Well, now you have…

He was a Belgian artist/printmaker [possibly even a graphic artist before the term was coined] and you can read all that you want on wikipedia, font of all knowledge. Heavily involved with Baudelaire which means expect lots of sex and death in his images – tagged as pornographic by many. I love his sympathetic pen strokes, his 2 fingers to the church etc. (as you can see [maybe?] from the header image where a woman is on the cross. It’s here anyway (The Temptation of St Anthony)

The Temptation of St. Anthony by Félicien Rops

The other image is an engraving titles Le Werwolf. I stuck that in there as there was a point not too long ago where I thought I was a werewolf – not something I shared with many people thankfully and now I most definately know I’m not so that’s ok!

Anyway, maybe you learnt something…he’s pretty obscure, one of those characters you come across by accident (as I did) but never forget. And he went blind towards the end of his career so maybe there’s a warning there…but maybe not!



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3 responses to “New header image : Félicien Rops

  1. It’s a pretty amazing painting, and yes I’d never heard of him before.
    And I’m glad you no longer think you’re a werewolf!

  2. I like the banner. The name rang a bell (probably because I’ve been to Belgium many times), but there was no way I could of told you what he did.

  3. Hannah – totally obscure chap but there you go. I think artists as illustrators are often overlooked – probably especially as he was linked with Baudelaire, not exactly respectable. 😀 Which makes him all themore interesting!!
    ITS – I’m going to have to invent a nickname for you, it’s just too weird calling you ITS ! I’m impressed you’d even tagged the name, even in Belgium!! Thanks, there’s nothing like a bit of art to brighten the place up, especially if it’s something a bit off the beaten track. Glad you like it! 😀

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