Therapy : WTF happened there?!

Here’s a first – went into therapy feeling bloody great this week, came out wound up like you wouldn’t believe. Having given it some thought we will be having words next week.

It all came from discussing highs-and-lows of mood and what it’s like, which somehow led onto talking about – and immensely annoyingly I can’t remember the fecking word – but basically clashes between people in relationship type scenarios, not getting on, disagreements type things. you know the word, it’ll come to me later! Anyway, we had thi big discussion about that where I felt like I was under bombardment about this. OK, we obviously weren’t on the same wave length, but it felt like I was being wound right up about this and I still don’t know why. I didn’t get why things can’t be easiy sorted out – mistakes happen and you sort it out by talking and making an effort to understand and maybe apologising and then it’s straightened out and it’s fine, but i just don’t get why sometimes that’s not enough. i don’t even know where this whole discussion came from because I wasn’t in conflict – THAT’s THE WORD!!! – with anyone anyway. i mean, if I had come in and said oh i’v been rowing with such and such blah blah fine but honeslyt, WTF?!

ANYWAY, apart from that it’s ended up being a damn fine week. Have got loads of sketchbook work done, my better half says it’;s the most productive she’;s ever seen me which is pretty good goin, so I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment. Lots of ideas, for apinting and the like plus hopefully finishing finally this enormous freelance job that’s been draggin on for almost a year. Then i have a designer Tshirt site of my own that’s going to be great. So will have the site and the designs to sort from that. But i really want to move on some paintings first – acrylics I think as i’ll b able to work faster than with oils. i also want to do some pastels stuff as iut’;s a medium I’ve never doe much in. Was out at 5am sketching this morning which was fantastic, a bit of georgian architecture, would never be able to do that during the day due to tourists 😀

Planning to get some creative stuff moving over the weekend children alowing 😀



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2 responses to “Therapy : WTF happened there?!

  1. So who is a little high at the moment? 😉

    Sounds good though xx

  2. Hey you hope you’re doing OK, yeah things are going well at the mo – happy days! 😀

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