Hot ‘n’ tired and moving on in employment :D

The heat is a killer can’t wait for it to cool down a bit. A busy week so far – including the end of last week…

Thusday: Left therapy session after 25 mins as my head was banging and all I was doig was talking without knowing what the hell I was saying. Went home, luckily managing to not stop for a sleep on a bench.

Friday: Day off was great until had a bit of a row at the end f the day which put a spoiler on things. Sorteed out the next day but there you go.

Saturday: had a great day withyoiungest daughter – homework at 7 years old though, blimey – i never really did much even at 17!! Still, apart from a sever lack of slep by this point all well.

Sunday: Chest pains all day – right in the middle, must have been laid awkwardly in the night or something. Very tired, fed up of the heat.

Monday: Have been offered a new job today, should be bouncing off the ceiling but just bloody worried about it which isn’t fair as I’ve been working to this for a while. Worried about getting “ill” in the 3 mon ths probation period. There as nothing on the app form re: illness, just if there’s any disability that would affect your ability blah blah – I can only presume this is physical. Am seeing the Dr re: my chest tomorrow as is no better and so may have a run through with him/her (depending on who I actually get to see, don’t get me started)! My head ache hasn’t shifted either, maybe it’s viral?

Apart from that have soooooo many things I am desperate to do but with being so busy and tired have donen none of ’em. Damnation

Have bee told it is going top rain tomoroow but not holding my breath, almost home time via Sainsbury’s local. Bring on the drakness for a bit of cool breeze.



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2 responses to “Hot ‘n’ tired and moving on in employment :D

  1. Hoorah for the job! It’s good news. You’ve moaned about your old one long enough.

    The chest could be acid reflux or something.. I had bad pains right in the middle and it was put down to that, although it was never confirmed. See what the GP says tho.


  2. Cheers, yes is good news at last. I have moaned on for many long years and finally done sometyhing about it! Ooray!
    The chest thing turned out to be Costochondritis which is inflammation of the cartilage of the sternum and hurts like hell. Still, should be cleared up in a coupla weeks. Love modern medicine. Caused by a virus like almsot everything. Ho Hum, onwards anyhoo…

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