Tonight’s wishlist…

Tonight I would like the following…

NO BAND PRACTICE IN THE HALL BEHIND OUR HOUSE!! I wouldn’t mind if you were any good but you’re not, and I  don’t want to have to coe on over again tonight at 11.30pm to politely request you refrain from playing your music loud anymore – unless you get someone who can sing in tune and more importantly play decent music!

NO MORON ACROSS THE ROAD GETTING DRUNK AND DANCING TO THE ROLLING STONES IN HIS HOUSE AT 1.30AM. There will be much retribution if this is the case again tonight. I am tired and you are the world’s biggest prat, this is not a good combo for you to play silly buggers again tonight.

TO GET SOME F***ING SLEEP FFS! Surely this cannot be too much to ask? I have gone without much sleep for many weeks and it is starting to get on my nerves. Please make it rain tonight, that would be good!

PLEASANT DREAMS, EITHER WAKING OR SLEEPING WILL BE AN IMPROVEMENT!! I kind of got something out of the one with the enormous galleon style ships of the line with enormous Georgian painted faces carved into the backs, this will make a great painting when I get round to it, but the grotesques were stomach churning and not conducive to sleep.

SOME PAIN RELIEF SO THAT I CAN RELAX. These ibuprofens are doing nothing for me so just go away, bug someone else you stupid virus.

Thanks in anticipation of a great evening and night

The Chuckles



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5 responses to “Tonight’s wishlist…

  1. Definitely know how you feel. So desperate from some proper sleep. Don’t know what to do about it as I’ve tried everything.

  2. Definitely know how you feel. So desperate for some proper sleep. Don’t know what to do about it as I’ve tried everything.

  3. If you find anything that works let me know! I’m all out too!

  4. Thanks Middle Man – I loved that post. We lived next door to a nightmare neighbour for about 9 years – thankfully she was moved as part of agreeing to testify against some hardcore drug ‘gangsta’ types. Ah the memories, the first time I ever witnessed 1st hand the use of a CS spray by the police. Then there were the drug orgies, prostitution and the mistreatment of her own kids. ((shudders)). Glad I don’t live there anymore!
    I enjoyed your blog too and will definitely be paying some more visits!

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