Adam Ant…get well soon

Adam Ant has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 following reports of an incident yesterday (Tuesday 18 May) evening. You can read the article on

I started this post last week and couldn’t finish it because my mind was on autopilot and whilst it partly knew what I wanted it was mainly letting my fingers type without any sense and i ended up deleting pretty much the whole thing.

And it kind of is what it is, bit of a footnote more than a post. These things happen to people all the time, when you kind of follow someone’s career it’s a weird thing to see, unfolding in public. Predictably the Daily Mail (from now on known as The Scum – especially after it ran that JSP article, see Seaneen’s post here!!) ran a derogatory piece showing everything in as much seedy light as it could muster. i would link to the article in question but I don’t see why they should have their sickening egos massaged by site hits.

Anyhoo, to a true legend of entertainment, pop royalty and impeccable dress sense, Get Well Soon!

Adam Ant as the Dandy Highwayman


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