Bye…oh no, wait…hmm, I’ll get back to you

Confused? Me too!

Major f*** up on the contract for new employer – it’s a 1 year fixed contract but should have been a permanent contract!! FFS! Spoke to N who said is def a perm position and is trying to sort out the wording with her boss. All on ice…F***!

Other than that no midnight music from idiot neighbours but still didin’t get too much sleep so not too bloody gorgeous. Apart from that is all good – although the little sleep I DID get was filled with the weirdest dreams ever. Truly trippy. But I am using rhem as inspiration for some new paintings so that’s good.

Currently listening to “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” by Kasabian which is A class theatrically flowing rock. It’s such a great album and well worht listening to if you haven’t already. I love the artwork etc of the album too, it’s beautifully packaged – digital or the other thing. The songs combine the true English pop-rock art of story telling ala The Kinks with some great rock riffs n licks and drum n bass inspired beats. Nice…

Update – have had an email confirming the wording will be changed to permanent contract – though when the new contract will be ready for signing God knows, soon I hope. i was given a leaflet on the way back to work saying “God will heal you” which I thought kind of musing. I gave it to my boss in case God could cure him of being an idiot! 😀 I won’t hold my breath, he doesn’t seem to do much curing – there’s a  fucking lot of his kids will want to know what the fuck he’s been playing at if he suddenly starts now!

Weird Fishes is such a great track by Radiohead from their Rainbows album, it’s one of those tracks you get totally lost in, like it has become an entire world inside your head, filled with flowing water and rain. I could just BE in that place forever. it’s beautiful. Then reckoner, which reminds me of driving at night, nobody else in the car, just driving along roads, the headlights picking out glimpses of the places you’re driving through. We used to travel down to cornwall every year as kids with my parents, me and my brother in the back of the car. He’d be asleep with literally 2 minutes of starting, I could never sleep. just looking through the windscreen through the gap between my parents’ seats, watching the road eaten up as we travelled. The way you just get a small view of lit road surrounded by the darkness, with the occasional headlight comking towards you. i remember going through lincolnshire around dawn one year, that fuzzy light from the rising sun, nobody about. that’s what reckoner conjures in my mind. A cocoon. I think I felt kind of totally alone but like that was just right.

Enough rambling, i’m supposed to be working!! I’ve skipped therapy tonight, i want to enjoy feeling great not be brought down by THAT


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