4 weeks left

until I start my new job. Ooray, can’t wait. Just glad I’ve got the awkward handing in of notice out of the way and can look forward to a new challenge. The next 4 weeks is going to be slightly surreal, not to mention busy.

One question – why do companies try to offer you more £ to stay AFTER you’ve handed in your notice, rather than making an effort to keep their key employees by being aware of how things are going? Tut!



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2 responses to “4 weeks left

  1. Companies are like most people and don’t realise what they are missing until it is gone or threatening to go. They make last-ditch attempts to avoid abandonment! (BPD?).

    They should try earlier though. There are a few that do. At least you can take comfort in the fact they did want you to stay. x

  2. True. Maybe they’ll learn something (who the hell am i kidding) and treat the remaining staff with a bit more respect? Thanks for the comment 😀

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