Giacometti, Schiele and an escape from the world…

Have just scrapped the post I’d written about seeing/hearing things, not sleeping etc. Instead I wanted to write something creative and uplifting but ran out of steam before I began. Suffice to say I’m 2 weeks away from starting new job and crawling towards the finish line of the old one. Very tired and could have done with a holiday inbetween but they were adamant they needed me to start ASAP. It doesn’t help that my existing employer has paid me my outstanding holiday in the pay due at the end of the month – I was planning on a couple of days rest!!

I’m enjoying the drawn images of Giacometti at the moment, amongst others. Everyone knows his sculptures but his images are beautiful…

Another artist whose work I’ve loved for years is Egon Schiele – there’s a fair bit of angst in his work but it’s always got a certain beauty and appeal…

A lot of peeps are put off his work by the overt sexual nature of many of his paintings, but there’s no denying his skill and the appeal of the quality of mark making. His work’s beautiful…

Art is great when it feels like the world’s murdering you slowly…a sedative for the soul, or a tunnel of colour in a drab world of grey…



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3 responses to “Giacometti, Schiele and an escape from the world…

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  2. julie

    im doing a project on two artists who i am inspired by who are in the guggenheim or MET. the two artists i chose were Giacometti and Schiele.. then i accidentaly stubbled on this page and it was so bizarre that you had the exact same two artists here..

    • Hah, you’ve got good artistic taste as well! I think they’re two of the most over looked artists in terms of importance, although by the number of people who end up here whilst looking for these artists maybe that’s changing. Of course Picasso, Dali etc were immensely important artists, but these 2 were defining artists in their own rights!
      Good luck with the project and thanks for the comment!

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