So tired, unhappy…

Still not sleeping and now got to the stage where I feel constantly sick from tiredness, constantly on edge and restless. I almost fell dwn the stairs at work because I was so tired I lost my balance.

Tired, sad and a feeling of impending doom, that everything is going to fall to pieces and there’s not a thing I can do about it. I spoke to my Dad on the phone last night – first time in months – and it was like speaking to a stranger that someone has suggested you’ll get on really well with. Awkward and uncomfortable and very sad. It was summed up when saying good bye – he said “alright, bye mate” before remembering that we were related and that he knew my name.

I have 1.5 weeks until new job and am going to struggle if I’m still this tired when I start. Going to have to find a way to sleep ASAP. Can’t start like this.



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9 responses to “So tired, unhappy…

  1. I hope you get some sleep soon. Have you been to your GP? I think it might be wise – assistance on the sleep front could be found?

    Take care and good luck with the new job. x

    • Hi ITS, I’m avoiding the GP at the moment after a lot of being given the run around previously, seeing a different GP everytime and rehashing the same thing over and over…you know how it goes. Am sleeping better now tho and thanks for your suggestion, you’re right and if it gets that bad again I’ll have to do something – sorry it’s been so long getting back to you, hope you’re well 😀

  2. Hey, really hope you manage to get some sleep soon, I’m having a similar problem! Maybe a visit to the GP? Or even a health store? There are some really good natural remedies that can help – I’m planning to visit my nearest one next week. And good luck with the new job, I’m sure it will go well!

    • Hey Hannah, thanks for all the suggestions etc, herbal is a good idea, I might check that out this week! Again, sorry for the long gap before a reply, it’s been hectic. I hope your own sleep has improved in the last month!!! Take care

  3. I hope things go well for you. Don’t leave us in the dark. How have things been going since then?

    ~Auto LeMorgon

  4. doyourememberthattime

    i’m a new reader, so i don’t know your meds situation. if you’ve not already explored sleeping meds, it would really be worthwhile speaking to your gp about it. insomnia can make life almost impossible. i feel for you.

    • Thanks, as some of the previous comments you’re quite right – I’m avoiding all meds at the moment due o an onset of cowardice viz a viz the GPs – but it’s something I may have to overcome a some point – thanks for dropping in!

  5. Big apology on the lack of responses/replies updates for a month, I’m OK and have just not been able to find time/energy to do much more than get through he days – I didn’t mean to leave anyone hanging on at all – sorry

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