Can’t believe it’ been a month

I honestly hadn’t meant to be offline for a month but it’s been a hectic, head spinning time and before I knew it August was here. 1 month in and the new job is going OK I think. It’s always difficult to judge but the work isn’t particularly difficult – although there is an awful lot of it – the hardest part has been to find my place in quite a big team, whereas before it was 3 people and I worked mainly on my own. That has been HARD – there are some people that I get o well with, some that are n a completely different wave length, the whole spectrum. Added to that there was a move around of people about 2 week after i started and a couple of the people I had hit it off with moved to a different office, which threw me a bit too.

However in the main I’m sleeping more – maybe not as much as I would like, but better than previously and that’s an improvement. I was off ill in my first week, which was probably stress but i put it down as a bug – I couldn’t believe the bad timing! Apart from that it’s an improvement. But I am dead n my feet by the evening, hence the lack of posts – apologies if that was a cause for concern, I just haven’t had the mental headspace to think past getting through the days. I’m hoping that’s getting better. Time will tell.

We’re having a visit from the folks this coming weekend which is always a bit stressful, so hopefully that goes off without a hitch. At least I have a 4 week break from therapy over the summer, one less thing to think about!

I’m planning on posting again soon, this is really a catch up on the last month (work work work) and so will hopefully have my head together for something more together by then.


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