The following post is a catch up of potted proportions…

Due to the stresses and strains of being a fruit loop in a busy working environment I haven’t been around to post for sometime – a little  over a  month I think. Work is busy – crazy busy in fact, which has been stressful. My moods have been a bit all over the place and trying to ‘make myself stay normal’ has been a struggle. 3 month review is up soon and while on the doing the work front I don’t think there’s a problem I’m a bit worried that comments about me might be made – such as sometimes being a bit too loud, a bit too over-the-top maybe. I know I’ve been aware that my uppish moods have spilled over a bit sometimes into the ‘ooh, that was a bit close to the line’ area (always with hindsight of course, not too much help). I just really hope things are going to be ok.I’m probably worrying about nothing, although I don’t feel that I am. Maybe it’s just because things are very stressful at the moment – I have a week or 2 of very tight deadlines from this friday and it’s going to be very close. Hopefully after that things will ease off a little.

Freelance work has been (thankfully) a bit quieter, although that’s now changing too. I think managing expectations and not jumpin into everything at once and getting int a mess is going to be the challenge. Things are so much harder on too little sleep to – from about 3am I’m awake everyday (so between 3 and 4 hours a night max with less some nights).

Apart from that thngs are good. I still have plans for some paintings I’d like to do, which I have been wanting to make a start on for months now but constantly have other thngs getting in the way. And also other things afoot which may or may not come to fruition in the next few months.

Therapy is still ticking along, although I think this week may require a cancellation due to work deadlines and the need for extra working hours. This post makes it sound like all I do is work, which isn’t true – have been out quite a bit recently but a post about drinking is not much fun. Although I met a great character at a gallery opening the other evening – I don’t know how much of what he said was true and how much fabrication – he was as mad as the proverbial hatter – but some of his anecdotes were hilarious. My kind of art critic!



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3 responses to “The following post is a catch up of potted proportions…

  1. Glad you are surviving, although it does sound like you are pushing yourself too hard and working too hard.

    Whenever I’ve been a bit up and think about how I’ve been at work, I cringe and beat myself up over it, but nearly always no one has especially noticed or cared. I would be seen as “lively”, but not problematic. There was only one point when I was on the verge of going completely utterly batshit, when I spent a whole afternoon giggling constantly in front of my boss’s boss. That was not so good! I knew it at the time too and wanted to escape, but couldn’t.

    Just try and get through the 3 month review. You can relax a little then. xx

  2. Thanks ITS, it was all fine – just need to slow down a bit and check for errors a bit more, but impressed with work rate and quality 😀
    Currently up to my eyes in work though so difficult to sow down at all! Thanks for your comment, it helped muchos!

  3. Howdy, I trust a person, if you found yourself in Romania you’ve got a dark beer out of us: ) Cheers!

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