caffeine junky at work

I’m hardly posting at the moment – in fact hardly logging on or even getting online – due to my work going into overdrive. That combined with not sleeping well means I’m zipping around buzzing with energy but in a bit of a wired kind of way – it’s like being on a 24/7 caffeine trip. I’m hoping that I’m back on top of things soon. I’ve so many unfinished personal projects (my website, my T-shirt design site, clients’ site updates etc) that i desperately need to get back on track with but currently running about 1 week behind at work-work so there’s little chance. “More haste less speed” my dad would have said. nothing like a parental saying to turn you off though!

Apart from that I have a break from therapy this week due to half term (think she’s on a course or something) – therapy is going well, although the time before lat I think I just spent the whole 50 mins ranting about the screwed up world we live in. Ha ha, not sure that’s what is generally expected!

Anyway, proper post to come soon – hnest. I nee to head to work. t’s taken me ages just to type this as I’ve had to go back and retype large bits due to my brain going too fast for my fingers (or vice verca). love to all and sundry

the chuckles 😀


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