waking nightmares

Woke up at 3am due to strange dreams that I can’t remember. After waking I lay in bed for another 2 hours while images of human heads with staring orange eyes and razor sharp teeth haunted the darkness. These were replaced with mice that became snakes as you looked at them, their serpentine heads suddenly shooting out from between round mouse ears and twitching whiskers. Fish also swam around, suddenly becoming snakes and darting forwards threateningly. I couldn’t get up as it felt like the darkness was alive with swimming, writhing serpents.

Eventually got up and did some self portraits in front of one of the large mirrors, then read up on Modigliani and James Esner. Am tired but need to go to work, it’s rainiing and still dark outside. Another day.



Filed under Art, life, mental state

2 responses to “waking nightmares

  1. eep that doesn’t sound good. You need to get sleep. 😦

  2. ah well, sleep and I often don’t seem uch of each other 😀

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