Work is getting busier which is good as I need the money, but at the same time it’s getting harder to knuckle down and concentrate. At the moment it’s mainly costing jobs and getting bits and pieces done, but there’s a large body of work on the horizon already and if much of this work comes through – which I think it will – it’s going to be manic. I’m just hoping that the idea of seriously reducing some debts is going to be a big enough carrot to keep going. Ideally I’l lget through all this and have a holiday or something – at least some time out!

Currently doing lots of drawing in the early hours which is great –  hoping this doesn’t become time given over to website development/design – and researching expressionism more thoroughly than I ever have before. I feel the need for some truly creative projects at the moment; work doesn’t fit the bill, so hopefully I’ll be able to balance everything.

Other than that I just need some sleep!


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