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I last posted here almost 4 months ago and, to be honest, it wasn’t until I reread that and the posts before it that I could have told you what I had been blogging about then. In fact I was really surprised what hte contents were! They belonged to somebody else and it feels very much like that’s true for this blog as a whole. I’ve prevaricated long enough to know that I probably won’t ever post here again as, to me, the Chuckles is dead and gone. I’ve stopped therapy, almost f****d up my and my family’s life for good and spent the last few months being the life and soul of the party with almost everybody I know. Whilst a few shadows of depression have surfaced recently I’m pretty confident I’m able to control anything that life throws at me.

And so I’m moving on from here too. Sometimes things change – for better or worse – and all you can do is keep moving. Good luck, hugs and kisses to everyone I’ve ever ‘met’ through this blog, it’s been good. x



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  1. All the best for the future!

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