Bipolar at work

Whilst the HR department at work have been awesome, my last catch up with my manager left me feeling a bit… confused. Her question “has your bp affected the way you treat people at work?” was not one I had anticipated. I’ve never had any problems with anyone at work – in fact work has probably benefited significantly from my hypomanic days of overachievement. But that question coupled with concerns about productivity, time management and concentration has left me feeling somewhat exposed. It could be my anxiety coupled with depression, or it could be something’s afoot – either way, it’s left me wondering if soldiering on regardless with a cheerful facade and an “everything’s ok really” attitude at work may not have been the best approach…



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2 responses to “Bipolar at work

  1. Is there any one of your peers at work you feel comfortable enough asking if they’ve noticed you acting oddly around anyone at work? The only reason I bring this up (not to make you squirm, I promise) is because I found that I was having trouble at work at times where being hypomanic made me appear aggressive to my co-workers when I thought I felt totally fine and elated, and never would have guessed it myself. It wasn’t until I talked to one of my co-worker friends in private that she told me I had been acting strangely. At that point I was able to approach people and apologize to clear the air, which really helped.

    That definitely isn’t the *only* possibility here (it could be nothing, just a question they asked randomly) but I wanted to let you know what I’ve experienced just in case it could help. Good luck!

    • Thanks Sarah! That’s a fair point, there are a couple of people I can ask – at least I’ll know! I think it’s because it came smack in the middle of a depressive faze that threw me. Thanks for the tip!

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