Remembering to take the meds

As I’m currently on 150mg of Quetiapine it means cutting a tablet in 2 every other night (I can only get them in 100gsm). It would seem I forgot to take the whole tab after the half, as it was discovered under the bed this morning. My immediate reaction wad I definitely took the whole dose last night, and was very defensive ( no one like to be seen ad deliberately skipping meds if they haven’t, right?). So I took the 100mg before work and have paid for it by walking around like I’m half cut. Unfortunately this has come right in the midst of a bout of rapid ups n downs. Today Haas ben a mix of euphoria, irritability and despair. I’ve already apologized to some, will have mote apologies to make the afternoon. Whatever, I’ll be more careful with my nighttime meds in futures…



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2 responses to “Remembering to take the meds

  1. Get a pill-box where you can lay your pills out for the week – You’ll never have this problem again 🙂

    Seroquel hits too hard to risk having to play ‘catch up’ with your dose like you did.

    All the best,

    • My wife bought me one plus a gadget for slicing pills in half, beats the scalpel blade – so far so good. She’s much better at logical thinking and planning than me 🙂

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